The Naked Scientists in Second Life

28 February 2008 by Troy McConaghy, posted in Uncategorized

The popular BBC Radio show The Naked Scientists will be broadcasting live into the virtual world Second Life starting this Sunday, 2 March at 18.00 GMT (10:00 AM PST).

They have an island with a nice mansion and lots of comfortable chairs where you can listen to the show with other science enthusiasts and discuss whatever comes to mind. It’s in the middle of the sim named ‘SciLands’. If you already have a Second Life account, here’s a direct link to their mansion.

Dave Taylor has some of the back story on his blog (Knowledge Transfer Innovations).

2 Responses to “The Naked Scientists in Second Life”

  1. Matt Brown | Permalink

    Oo, I like the naked scientists. I’ll try and make it. (And I’ll follow your link – using the search term ‘naked’ in the SL search engine might yield some diverting results).

  2. Graham Steel | Permalink

    Yup, Dr Chris Smith & co. are great.

    I have RAM techy problems here and my PC can’t process the SL platform :-(

    Hope all goes well for those who show up.


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