Post #1: Introducing SentioScribe

22 July 2014 by Rhiana Simon, posted in Musings

I told a friend that I had started a new blog here on SciLogs; he seemed interested enough, so I told him the name: SentioScribe. He sort of turned away from me and laughed a bit.


But after my naming-scheme's pride was hurt, he turned back and told me, "No, no, no. It's just that the name reminds me if this:"

An example of the Tyndall effect

Credit: Wiktor Hasel. Light scattering through a forest. Not the vision I head in my head, but I'll take it.

And he kept giggling.

Now, I've no real idea how to relate this "effect" to what my blog's aim is, but he was referring to the Tyndall effect: the scattering of light particles through a colloid dispersion. Trees don't quite cut the definition, but it still looks pretty. An interesting note, too: Komorebi is the Japanese word for this phenomenon, the dispersion of light through a forest. We don't have an everyday word for this aesthetic delight in the English language--at least not one I'm aware of (let me know if there is). Also, if I'm not mistaken, the way English forgot to name something another language picked up on is called a lexical gap. Or semantic gap.


Who am I?


My name is Rhiana--like the singer, you know? Whenever someone asks for my name (e.g. for an order), I tell them this exactly, so I'm pretty used to spelling my name "Rihanna." Close enough, right? I'm currently an undergraduate studying neuroscience and some genetics here and there. I actually help out in a neurobiology research lab dealing with epigenetics, so I have some (limited) experience of benchwork and the like. So, basically, I'm a neuroscience student, writer, artist, and peer instructor. Aspiring scientist and avid insect collector, too.

If for some reason you'd like to contact me, shoot me an email:


So, what's the deal with this blog?


SentioScribe is just pasting together a prefix and a suffix. Sentio: to feel and Scribe: to write. Hence, "to feel the issues, to write the issues." I wanted to start a blog that would focus on issues everyone can relate to: anything dealing with people, their health, and their environment. Basically, I grew up in an area with the country's worst tap water (looking at you, Pensacola) and am currently studying at a university in one of the South's most polluted cities (maybe my track record isn't that great thus far). This university also happens to have Alabama's largest medical center and research grounds; so, all of these factors together gives me inspiration for content.

This blog's purpose is to write about social and scientific matters on a personal level. However, the best way to define the blog is through its content. So, uh, I'll get to working on that.

Looking forward to being a part of the community!

(next up: a post on brainwashing?)

4 Responses to “Post #1: Introducing SentioScribe”

  1. Paige Brown Jarreau Reply | Permalink

    Welcome!! Can't wait for your first post!

    How beautiful: "Komorebi is the Japanese word for this phenomenon, the dispersion of light through a forest."

  2. Dave Reply | Permalink

    Komorebi 木漏れ日: Literally, "tree leak sun"; i.e., "sunlight leaking through trees". You could say, maybe, "tree-filtered light". Technically, it's not really one word in Japanese either, but just three nouns pasted together into one psuedo-word. But picky, picky, picky -- it's still a nice word (and a nice pic to go with it.

  3. Dave Reply | Permalink

    Forgot to ask: Why did "SentioScribe" make your friend laugh? What is the connection between that name, the photo, and 木漏れ日?

  4. Susan E. Swanberg Reply | Permalink

    Hi Rhiana,

    I thought I'd drop by to say hello. I'm curious, too. Why did your blog name make your friend laugh? I noticed that like me, you have a fondness for bugs!


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