Goodbye, and thank you!

18 February 2013 by Suzi Gage, posted in Uncategorized

It’s with a combination of excitement, trepidation and sadness that I sit down to write this, my final post for scilogs. If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that recently I’ve been writing a few guest blogs for the Guardian, and last week, I published my first post on my new blog over there.

While I’m delighted to be joining such a prestigious network, and joining a cohort made up of some of my blogging heroes (Martin Robbins, Dean Burnett and Mo Costandi to name a few), I am also sad to be leaving scilogs, where (along with my stint at Nature Network before we all moved over here) I’ve really cut my teeth as a blogger.

Scilogs is a great place to write, and for anyone keen to get in to blogging, I really recommend joining a network like this. I want to thank Khalil, the community manager here, for his support and encouragement, and Lou Woodley and Laura Wheeler from Nature Network, for the same while I was there. I hope you’ll continue to read my blog over at its new home; I’ll certainly be back here often to read the excellent science writing, and check out the new bloggers.

Most importantly though, I'd like to thank everyone who's read a post I've written, and particularly those who have commented on them. You've all helped me hone my science writing and improve my communication skills, as well as helping me think more critically about what I'm saying, and why.

Here's Fairport Convention saying goodbye better than I ever could(!)

Fairport Convention: Farewell, Farewell

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  1. Khalil A. Cassimally Reply | Permalink

    Goodbye Suzi. It's been awesome having you on Wish you all the best. I'll still be reading. Most definitely.

  2. Richard Zinken Reply | Permalink

    Goodbye Suzi - and thank you for joining the SciLogs project for a while!
    Looking forward to your further writing,


  3. Stephan Schleim Reply | Permalink

    Congratulations, what a great opportunity for you to write for the Guardian; but I will also keep my fingers crossed that you will not forget to write your PhD papers because you are too busy with science writing. :-)

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