Tobacco and Cannabis: Talk from ResearchFest (video)

29 November 2012 by Suzi Gage, posted in Uncategorized

Back in September I was involved in organising a conference to celebrate Children of the 90s 21st birthday. It was a unique day, as the delegates of the conference were not academics, but the participants in the cohort; the people who give up their time (and bodily fluids) for our work. I wrote about the day here, but the video of the talk I gave, alongside Marcus Munafò, is now up online, so I thought I'd share it here.

Our brief was that all talks had to start 'we collected x piece of data from you, and this is what we've done with it'. This was harder for us than most speakers, as the data we are working with is quite new in comparison to (for example) factors during pregnancy, so we are talking about work in progress, and why we're doing it. Enjoy!

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    Very good work, clearly presented. Would you be interested in writing a piece for the CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform website?

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