Why we need to do so much paperwork (cartoon)

10 April 2013 by Viktor Poór, posted in Uncategorized

Good news, everyone!


Last year, after five years years of drawing Stripped Science, I got struck by blogger's blues and I lost all my inspiration. I didn't like sit down and draw a new comic strip. Hence the long silence. But now I'm back!

The first strip is inspired by my life, nowadays we have spend more and more time with paperwork. So I started my little investigation:

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  1. Kausik Datta Reply | Permalink

    Wait, what? My Altar of Science is, in reality, an altar of Bureaucracy? (That green Bureaucracy monster is the scariest thing I've seen in a while!)

    Welcome back, Viktor! I'd rather be Poór with you, than be poor without having you in our midst.

    • Viktor Poór Reply | Permalink

      And the scariest thing of all, that the higher you get in academia you have sacrifice more to the Bureaucracy monster than to the Goddess of Science.

      That pun was terrible, but thank you :-)

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