Ebola Outbreak Update

20 August 2014 by Susan E. Swanberg, posted in Blog Posts

Ebola cases continue to increase in West Africa, with the rates of increase highest in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Mapp Biopharmaceuticals reports that it has exhausted all supplies of its Ebola antibody cocktail, ZMAPP, but that the company and its partners are scaling up production.

"Mapp and KBP [Kentucky BioProcessing] are working with the U.S. government to accelerate scaled up production. The work to date has been funded by grants and contracts that were only sufficient to produce doses for animal safety and efficacy testing. The present epidemic has changed the picture dramatically, and additional resources are being brought to bear on scaling up." (Mapp Bio Freguently Asked Questions)


Graphic update on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa (based upon World Health Organization Data).





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