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I'm an historian turned freelance science writer with a lifelong passion for space. Since first reading about the Apollo Moon landings when I was 7, I've been researching various aspects of spaceflight's history to paint a properly complete picture of what enabled that daring lunar program. Along the way I've found a host of interesting stories, forgotten details, and cancelled program. I like to bring these stories to a general audience, because knowing where we've come from make seeing where we're going that much more exciting.


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Muttnik, the Little Traveling Barker

Posted 24 October 2012 by Amy Shira Teitel

On Saturday, October 5, 1957, word that the Soviets had put a 184-pound satellite, Sputnik, into orbit the night before spread throughout the United States. Fear and paranoia spread throughout the country while the Soviet Union celebrated, specifically the scientists who had built and launched the small satellite. Soviet Chief Designer Sergei Korolev allowed his men to take a brief vacation at the seaside resort of Sochi, the first in many years, but he didn’t rest himself. Instead, he met... Read more