#aMomentaryLapseOfReason: Mother Nature Calling

'Don't swim after lunch' is a short fairytale-like movie. According to its creators, it is "a take on turning mundane environments into nature habitats, re populating them with life. The human presence in the film is a spin on how our interaction with the environment can have quite dramatic effects."

In case you live in a big city where rooftops are not transformable in farms, you may want to consider Window Farms. One definition of these original and witty installations is 'nature in high design.' More prosaically, a Windowfarm is "a vertical, indoor garden that allows for year-round growing in almost any window." Happy Windowfarming!

Window Farms. Image from the website.

Window Farms. Image from the website.

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    I window garden and already have tomatoes in April, here on Cape Cod.

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