UCL Big Data Symposium

UCL Big Data Symposium Brochure Cover


The Computational Life and Medical Sciences network at UCL hosted a Big Data Symposium in partnership with the UCL Big Data Institute. The event explored the role of Big Data analytics in a broad range of sectors from innovations in scientific research to medical and health innovation to driving business innovation.

The world of Big Data is a defining theme of human civilisation in the 21st century, and it opens up new possibilities in how we shape human civilisation in the midst of complex and global challenges. At the heart of the challenges presented by Big Data is how we collate the data, understand the data and act upon the data.

It will require very different and novel approaches to unlock the latent power of Big Data, which we hope will enable us to create a very distinct era of innovation, enabling everything from making new scientific discoveries to developing personalised consumer products and services to formulating effective public policy. Big Data promises much, but in order to make those breakthrough discoveries we also need to develop thinking that enables us to analyse, and understand data from different perspectives. It’s not just about applying existing modelling techniques to more data but it’s also about developing novel modelling approaches to make those revolutionary insights.

The world of Big Data allows us to ask new and different questions, opening up new ways of thinking about the world, and when we combine Big Data with complexity thinking, we can sense exciting innovation possibilities. I think the development of transdisciplinary concepts and modelling methods in analysing Big Data is what will truly create cutting-edge thinking, and contribute to a new era of innovation.

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