Much to Learn, You Have. Share the Force with #JediSciBlogrz

5 August 2014 by Paige Brown Jarreau, posted in Science Blogosphere, SciLogs

Much to learn, you have. Photo by Keoki Seu,

Much to learn, you have. Photo by Keoki Seu,

Over the weekend, it came to my attention that young, start-up and less experienced science bloggers often feel excluded, out-of-place or intimidated in interacting with "high-profile" and experienced science bloggers on social media, including Twitter. I'm sure the more experienced science bloggers who've been around for a while - I call them Jedi Master science bloggers - aren't intending to create an insular social network online. However, given the importance of good science communication and alternative science journalism today, I think we could be doing more to welcome new science bloggers into our social media circles and to "spread the force."

So we've created a hashtag, #JediSciBlogrz, intended to enhance spontaneous interactions between experienced and less experienced science bloggers. To those experienced science bloggers out there who've been blogging about science for some time now, in and out of various blogging networks, I encourage you to use the hashtag once a week or more to offer some advice, a welcome greeting, a positive comment and perhaps constructive criticism of a blog post when asked. Re-tweet and share the wealth with start-up science bloggers struggling to get their blog posts "out there."

To those science bloggers out there who feel "new" to the game, I encourage you to use the hashtag to ask questions and interact with your science blogging heroes!

In other words, let's spread the Force for the good of science communication. Tweet with #JediSciBlogrz today, and remember to stay positive. By improving the quality of science communication in blogs, spreading the word about new bloggers' posts, and helping young science bloggers out, we ALL win.

#JediSciBlogrz. May the Force be with you.

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