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2 April 2013 by Ivana Gadjanski, posted in TEDMED

Last time I was writing about TEDMED in general (and I have to say, I got a bit surprised about the tweets I saw, where my words were taken a bit out of context: I did NOT say that TEDMED speakers are bragging, I simply said that I noticed in general that self-advertising is becoming something very close to the virtue). I really need to write a special post dedicated to that topic, it's been on my mind for quite a while...

However, now, I'd like to write about one TEDMED specialty - or should I say innovation, since The Hive is the newest TEDMED platform, debuting at this year's event in association with The StartUp Health Network.

The Hive is intended to be an informal social environment dedicated to exploring innovations and inspiring entrepreneurs in health and medicine. Everything will focus on the unexpected connections and new possibilities that emerge from our collective or “hive” mind.

It definitely sounds like an exciting place to be!! Especially since I'm now closely following exactly these topics - health and biotech startups. I really can't wait to get to be in The Hive. This reminded me now of one of my favorite authors Neil Stephenson who mentions the HiveMind logics in two novels I really really love: The Diamond Age and Cryptonomicon. According to him, those who enter a hive mind surrender their independent identities (which are mere illusions anyway) - I'm paraphrasing now, but you get the gist.

I somehow don't think that "identity losing" was the logic TEDMED Hive is striving to follow :)

I would say that the main goal The Hive@TEDMED is hoping to achieve is creative synergy between people who all wish to improve the health and medicine field.

And if you are wondering who will be in The Hive: just today 50 startups to join The Hive are announced - very innovative, very interesting startups - I'll be writing about them in detail in the next posts because, yes, yours truly will also be there, so expect fresh info from the Center of the Hive!



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