A Map of Hindu, Buddhist Temples, Sikh Gurdwaras in Germany

20 July 2014 by Michael Blume, posted in Arts & Symbols, Secular Studies

As Germany is a rather wealthy country, offering comparable high levels of existential security to its inhabitants, secularization and the subsequent, inevitable decline of birth rates below replacement levels has been taking place for decades. But at the same time, the religiously devout tend to have more children and immigrants are bringing their religious traditions, leading to a process of religious pluralization. Thus, even after reunification, more than two-thirds of the German population are adhering to a Church or religious communities, with percentages going up to 85% in southern States like Baden-Württemberg.

As a beautiful example of this intriguing process, I am presenting a map of Hindu & Buddhist Temples, as well as Sikh Gurdwaras in present Germany, which has been drawn by Prof. Manfred Hutter (Bonn). Enjoy! :-)



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