The Amish Paradise – Educating by Humor

17 January 2013 by Michael Blume, posted in Evolutionary Studies

Since I explored the Amish for a better understanding of religious fertility potentials, I have published some articles and a (German) eBook to inform my scientific colleagues as well as a broader public about this Anabaptist tradition. You may take the sciebook's title as a wonderful example of words lost in translation: The German term "Die Amish" is simply meaning "The Amish" in German, whereas it may look like a sinister wish in English (which it isn't, of course! I really appreciate the Plain People.).

But whatever ironies happened across my way of educating about the Amish, nothing yet compared to the videoclip "Amish paradise" by Weird Al Yankovic sent to me by one of my former students in Jena, Klaus Lohmann. And if you didn't know it until now, I feel that most of you'll probably join in the thanks to bring this one to our attention. Enjoy (and forward)! :-)

In the next post on this blog, I plan to answer some of those very good questions by Jonathan Meir in this discussion.

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