Yes, I am an Evolutionist!

7 April 2014 by Michael Blume, posted in Evolutionary Studies

When people press me into defining either as a conservative, a liberal/libertarian or a leftist, I like to answer that I am an "Evolutionär", an evolutionist: My scientific interests and researches have led me to appreciate that any biological or cultural tradition surviving to our day is the product of a long and deep history, which should not be dismissed easily. In this sense, I feel like a conservative. The very same perspective helped me to appreciate that variation is necessary for any evolutionary progress and that central and authoritarian planning threatens to choke what only freedom may achieve - growth, discoveries and the success of life in its plurality. Therefore, I feel like a libertarian. Finally, I understood that we cannot pluck values and motives of our social lives directly from our imperfect readings of nature - Social Darwinism is the result of a massive categorial fallacy. Our perceptions of God(s), Right(s) and Value(s) are valuable social constructions as our hopes should reach beyond and above mere nature - thus, I feel like a leftist.

I couldn't agree more than to those sentences by David Sloan Wilson on "Evolution - This View of Life (ETVOL)":

I am an evolutionist, which means that I use the principles of evolution to understand the world around me. I would be an evolutionary biologist if I restricted myself to the topics typically associated with biology, but I include all things human along with the rest of life. That makes me an evolutionist without any qualifiers. I and my fellow evolutionists study the length and breadth of creation, from the origin of life to religion. Given that most human-related subjects such as anthropology, economics, history psychology, religion, and sociology are not associated with the word “biology”, evolutionist is the broadest and most appropriate term.

So, if you want to put a specific tag describing my worldview on me, let it be this one:

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