Blog Focus: Hallucinogenic drugs in Modern Medicine and Mental Health

30 August 2010 by Noah Gray, posted in Uncategorized

Distorted perceptions and an altered state of mind: two reasons why psychedelics have always attracted not only fascination, but also controversy for decades. A recent Perspective in Nature Reviews Neuroscience entitled The neurobiology of psychedelic drugs: implications for the treatment of mood disorders, by Franz Vollenweider & Michael Kometer explores why there is a renewed interest in the clinical potential of psychedelics for treating mental disorders, after nearly a 40 year gap in clinical experimentation. Anticipating a significant interest in this topic, Nature Publishing Group has made this manuscript freely accessible for 1 month. In addition, we offer a four-part series of essays by some of the best neuroscience bloggers to help you explore the literature and discuss the most important aspects:

1.) The secret history of psychedelic psychiatry by Moheb Costandi
2.) Serotonin, Psychedelics and Depression by Neuroskeptic
3.) Ketamine for Depression: Yea or Neigh? by The Neurocritic
4.) Visions of a psychedelic future by Vaughan Bell

I’m excited to bring you this collection since the format may serve as a useful spin-off of the more common strategy of blog post aggregation, the blog carnival. Focusing on very specific content and preparing complementary essays should (I hope!) inspire a dynamic discussion by exposing the reader to a variety of targeted content and perspective, so I encourage you to visit each blog and participate in the debate. If you have comments or suggestions regarding this “Blog Focus” strategy of organization, I welcome your feedback below!

2 Responses to “Blog Focus: Hallucinogenic drugs in Modern Medicine and Mental Health”

  1. Randy Keiser | Permalink

    Gentlemen: Having used psychedelics about 40 years ago (“Window Pane”), I would be interested in what professionals say on the topic (not that I would resume usage).

  2. steve Clarke | Permalink

    I have suffered from depression for as long as I could remember. (with the benefit of hindsight). Nearly a year ago I took two compounds in a recreational/experimental context (before they were not prohibited by law) being 2 doses approx 70mg methylone, and a subsequent approx 125mg of mephedrone. each seperated by approx 1.5 hours. After I took the mephedrone I had a seriously euphoric day, which would appear to have been followed by a long term overall relief from my depression, which has persisted to the present day. Definitely food for thought IMHO. And a MUCH better result than the one time I took prescribed medication for depression, prozac, which was a scary and unsettling experience and which I discontinued on my own advice, after a few days.


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