Images from Ireland

21 April 2009 by Noah Gray, posted in Uncategorized

Before the meeting starts I figured I’d give you a quick tour of Adare Manor, location of the Wiring the Brain meeting. After this quick post, it’s off to the opening lecture (John Rubenstein from UCSF) on “Patterning of the neocortex by FGF-signaling”. And then some cocktails in the gorgeous courtyard. Pictures below the fold and the full set is here

5 Responses to “Images from Ireland”

  1. Stephen Curry | Permalink

    Beautiful location! Looks like you lucked out on the weather too…

  2. Caryn Shechtman | Permalink

    I am jealous. It looks so sunny there!

  3. Sabbi Lall | Permalink

    You are lucky- it rained most of the time when I visited Ireland! Looks gorgeous- happy twittering! It looks like the kind of place where you can request a glass of port from Jeeves.

  4. Noah Gray | Permalink

    Don’t worry Sabbi, clouds and rain out today. More typical for Ireland. Apparently the Apocalypse is not coming…

  5. Sabbi Lall | Permalink

    Phew, thanks for the reassurance! If it does come (or actually either way), ask Jeeves for a sip of Guinness- for some reason it tastes better in Ireland (closer to the source? fresher?) and there’s a set in stone protocol for pouring a pint.


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